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Course 1

Sports Massage

Trainer: Singapore Sports Council
Location: National Stadium
Tel: 6500 5000


This course equips its participants with the wonderful techniques of sports massage, which helps athletes by warming up their muscles and joints. Muscles that are properly massaged and stretched possess the ability to generate more power because of its greater elasticity, which translates to its ability to absorb more shock, resulting in lower risk of injury.

Upon successful completion of this program, participants will have learnt the various techniques to facilitate a full body relaxation massage.


1) Benefits & Effects Of Massage – The Touch Of Pain-Relief

2) Contraindications & Precautions – The Do’s And Don’ts Of Massage

3) Etiquette & Ethics – Being A Professional

4) Gross Anatomy – Understanding Our Skeleton Structure & Muscular Functions

5) Massage Techniques – Effleurage / Kneading / Friction / Tapotement

6) Stretching Techniques – Enhancing Flexibility To Prevent Injury & Improve Performance

7) Pre And Post Event Massage – Gear Up The Athlete And Sooth The Pain

8) Hands On Practical Sessions – Practical Training On The Human Body

9) Management Of Soft Tissues Injuries – Rest, Repair, Remodel

10) Theory & Practical Examinations – Assessment On Theoretical Knowledge And Practical Skills


Kindly take note that due to overwhelming demand for the course and constraints in the capacity for each intake (only a maximum of 20 students per intake)

 Course Duration:   42 hrs + 10 hrs practical
 Time:   Sat & Sun
 Course Fees:  S$800.00
 Remarks:  Course fees include Handouts, Massage Oil and Bath Towels