Spa Body Treatments

Anti-Aging Red Wine Sugar Glow


Made with pure sugar and Red wine extracts that is a rich anti-oxidant

Antioxidant Red Wine Cream Scrub


Made with Red wine extracts that is rich in antioxidants

Australian Sea Salt Scrub


For bright, smooth, baby-like skin, try our salt scrub all over the body (not face) to exfoliate and remove dead skin

Calming Bath Salt


Pour the dry salt into a bath tub for a relaxing soak

Dead Sea Salt Scrub


Dead Sea salt is found at the lowest point in the world – The Dead Sea bordering Israel in the Persian Gulf

Detoxifying Ginger Cream Scrub


Natural Therapy Ginger scrub is made with freshly grated ginger that has a wonderful warming scent

Detoxifying Lemongrass Body Wrap


A delicious body wrap that absorbs impurities and oil from the skin leaving it soft and clean

Detoxifying Lemongrass Jacuzzi Bath Salt


Pour into warm water when preparing a bath or use for a foot soak

Eucalyptus Sugar Glow


While at the same time, the sugar provides a gentle but effective scrub

Extra Moisturising Pure Aloe Vera Body Wrap


Aloe Vera helps stimulate synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers, which can help stop the degenerative skin changes associated with aging

Fresh Lime Foot Scrub


The exfoliating salt foot scrub sloughs away dead skin and calluses while stimulating circulation and conditioning the skin

Fresh Orange Jacuzzi Bath Salt


A luxurious bath salt that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth

Green Clay Body Wrap


French Green Clay is a naturally occurring clay that is highly efficient at drawing oils and toxins from the skin

Healing Pure Honey Cream Scrub


Our Pure Honey cream scrub gently exfoliates your skin leaving it clean and refreshed

Javanese Lulur Body Wrap


Javanese Lulur is an ancient Bali ritual often described as the ‘queen’ of body treatments, the Javanese Lulur is still used today by Javanese brides to soften their skin before marriage

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