Massage Oils

What is the difference between a Massage oil and an Essential oil? Unscented Massage Oils - This is a pure oil, extracted from nuts and seeds, that you can use directly on the skin for a massage. It has almost no scent. Unscented massage oils are also known as 'Carrier oils' or 'Base oils'.  Essential Oils - Essential oils are pure extracts of fruits and flowers, and cannot be used directly on the skin. Essential oils have a lovely scent, and can be mixed with an unscented massage oil ('Base oil') for massage, or used with a burner to diffuse the oil into the air. Blended Massage Oils - For example, if you mix Lavender Essential oil with an unscented Base oil (e.g. Sweet Almond), you will get a Blended Lavender Massage Oil. This blended oil can be used directly for massage, and will have the lovely Lavender smell. We carry a luxurious range of Ready Blended Massage oils (see Special Blends). At Natural Therapy we use only therapeutic grade cold pressed oils in our products. Cold pressed oils retain all their nutrients and have no chemicals added in the extraction process, ensuring the purest quality natural oils. All our massage oils are food grade oils which are the highest quality available. Our oils are not 'stretched' with mineral oils to make them cheaper. You can tell a 'stretched'  oil by looking at the thickness of the massage oil. Pure cold pressed oils are golden in color and are thick luxurious oils. 'Stretched' oils are watery and thin and are a very light color. And on the label you will see the ingredient 'mineral oil' included. Oils applied onto the skin are absorbed into the body and that is why we use only pure and natural ingredients, and you and your clients should too. * We have special discounts for massage students, massage salons and spas in Singapore. Contact us for the Student/Professional price.

Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil


This is the most widely used carrier oil in aromatherapy

Pure Apricot kernel Massage Oil


This cold-pressed oil is great for all skin-types, especially for dry, mature, sensitive skin

Pure Avocado Massage Oil


Excellent for all skin types especially dehydrated, eczema, sunburnt and mature

Pure Jojoba Massage Oil


Jojoba is rich in Vitamin E, contains proteins and minerals, as well as myristic acid, which is an anti-inflammatory agent

Pure Macadamia Massage Oil


Very heavy, thick consistency, with a light nutty fragrance

Pure Olive Massage Oil


Very thick oil with a very distinctive odour of it’s own

Pure Sesame Massage Oil


Light texture, almost no smell, good for all skin types, ideal for massage

Pure Wheatgerm Massage Oil


Can extend the shelf life of other oils, use in a 10% dilution to preserve a blend

Rosehip Red Massage Oil


This premium oil pressed off the Rosehip seed contains an amazing 77% of fatty acids