Towel Sheets

Cotton Fitted Sheets


Fitted Bed Sheets with a custom made face hole opening

Cotton Waffle Bath Robe – Unisex


Very comfortable cotton waffle material bathrobe

Fleece Topper for Massage Bed


Fleece Topper for placing on top of massage beds to make the bed top softer and plusher

Giant Terry Towels


A blanket sized terry towel that covers the entire bed

Large Terry Towels


Extra large terry towels to make it easier for you to drape round your client

Massage Bed Warmer


Electric Massage Bed Warmer to keep your clients warm in an air-conditioned room

Premium Jacquard Skirting Sheet


Premium jacquard cotton sheet that covers the whole bed, including the legsHeight of skirt: 63 cmAvailable in Cream Color

Premium Slippers – Unisex


Comfortable EVA slippers that are reusable and waterproof

Table Protection Sheet


These are the ultimate protection for your table against oil, body fluid and general damage

Terry Bath Robe – Unisex


Premium Terry towel bathrobe used by 6 star luxury hotels

Terry Face Crest Covers


Cotton covers for your Face Crest attachmentAvailable in Dark Blue, Dark Green, White

Terry Fitted Sheets


Fitted Sheets with face hole opening

Terry Sarong


Premium Terry towel Sarong used by International Cosmetic Brands