Bed Accessories

Select from a range of Optional extras for your massage table to help you in your massage practice. Some are general accessories suitable for use with any bed, and some are designed for use with a particular brand



Firm n Fold for Firm n Fold tables



Meridian for Meridian tables

Bolster – 1/2 Knee


Short half round bolster for keeping one knee raisedAvailable in Black

Bolster – Ankle


Half oval bolster for keeping the ankles raised

Bolster – Knee


Half round bolster for keeping the knees raised

Face Crest – Fixed


MeridianFixed crest for Meridian tables

Face Crest Professional – Adjustable


Firm n FoldAdjustable face crest for Firm n Fold tables

Flat Pillow with wood base


Flat pillow for covering the face hole, for use when client is face up

Fleece Topper for Massage Bed


Fleece Topper for placing on top of massage beds to make the bed top softer and plusher

Hanging Arm Rest


Our Hanging Armrest Shelf allows therapists better access to the upper back and is extremely relaxing for the client

Healing Hands Carry Bag


Healing Hands bag for portable massage beds

Massage Bed Trolley


A specially designed trolley that helps you move your portable massage bed around easily

Massage Bed Warmer


Electric Massage Bed Warmer to keep your clients warm in an air-conditioned room

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