Massage Oils

Awakening Massage Oil


Properties: Refreshing and uplifting blend

Carrot Root Massage Oil


Properties: Good for dry skin, hair and scalp

Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil


This is the most widely used carrier oil in aromatherapy

French Lavender Massage Oil


Properties: Very Relaxing and relieves stress

Gentle Sleep Massage Oil


Properties: Helps clients with sleep problems

German Arnica Massage Oil


Properties: Reduce Inflammation, soothe muscle ache, treat sprains, bruises, tendon strains

Koh Samui Massage Oil


Properties: Relieves aches, pains and tense muscles

Pure Apricot kernel Massage Oil


This cold-pressed oil is great for all skin-types, especially for dry, mature, sensitive skin

Pure Avocado Massage Oil


Excellent for all skin types especially dehydrated, eczema, sunburnt and mature

Pure Jojoba Massage Oil


Jojoba is rich in Vitamin E, contains proteins and minerals, as well as myristic acid, which is an anti-inflammatory agent

Pure Macadamia Massage Oil


Very heavy, thick consistency, with a light nutty fragrance

Pure Olive Massage Oil


Very thick oil with a very distinctive odour of it’s own

Pure Sesame Massage Oil


Light texture, almost no smell, good for all skin types, ideal for massage

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