Carrot Root Massage Oil


Properties: Good for dry skin, hair and scalp



Properties: Good for dry skin, hair and scalp. Description: Carrot has been regarded by ancient healers as the ‘herbal healer’ of skin diseases

This extraction of the essence of dried carrot roots into sweet almond oil is extremely high in Betacarotine, and vitamins A and E. (This oil is sometimes confused with the carrot seed essential oil which is obtained by steam distillation of carrot seed.)

It is beneficial to hair and skin and for dehydrated skin. Wonderful for acne as well.

Topical application of Carrot oil is said to promote the formation of new cells and stimulate the production of sebum in dry skin and scalp.

It is also recommended by some to help prevent sun damage. Contains Vitamin A, which is a mild natural UV filter.

Please be aware that this extract, like many of the other Betacarotine rich extracts, is deep orange and may temporarily color your skin if you use too much of it.

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100 ml