Cotton Gauze Body Roll


Pure cotton gauze roll for wrapping the body during treatments

Cotton Gauze Face Mask


Pure cotton gauze precut with face holes for facial use

Cotton Wool Roll


Absorbent cotton wool roll for you to apply or remove facial treatments

Dental Floss


Premium sticks, 2 pcs in each set

Disposable Apron


Plastic Apron to protect your clothes from stains when applying body treatments on your clients

Disposable Bed Sheets


Woven paper cotton bedsheets for use on your massage bed to absorb oil and maintain hygiene

Disposable Boxers


A very good quality paper boxer shorts made of thick woven paper cotton

Disposable Bra


A very good quality paper Bra made of thick woven paper cotton

Disposable Face Hole Cover


Very effective protection for your face crest or bed face hole

Disposable G String


A very good quality paper G-String underwear made of thick woven paper cotton

Disposable Hand Towel


Woven paper cotton hand towel for use in your spa or clinic

Disposable Head Band


Disposable paper head band to keep the hair out of the face during treatments

Disposable Paper Roll


Disposable non woven paper roll – 40 metres rollWidth of Roll – 60cm

Disposable Roll Holder – FNF Tables only


Metal Paper Roll holder, fits Firm n Fold tables only

Disposable Sarong


Comfortable woven paper sarong for your client to wear

Disposable Spa Slippers – Terry


Disposable slippers made of soft cotton terry with a fiber sole

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