Orange Bitter Brazil (Citrus aurantium ssp amara)


A tree with hardy branches and beautiful white flowers



A tree with hardy branches and beautiful white flowers. Fresh, dry and floral aroma with a rich, sweet undertone.

3 essential oils are produced from this tree: Neroli, from the flowers; Petitgrain, from the leaves; Bitter Orange, from the rind of the fruit.

It has a very calming action on a nervous stomach. Orange will help balance gastric problems such as diarrhea and constipation. It stimulates bile flow and helps with the digestion of fats and aids absorption of vitamin C. This makes it beneficial for use with colds, bronchitis and fever.

In addition, the relaxing nature of the oil helps relieve stress found with painful and sore muscles. The oil causes the system to relax. It is useful with clients who have insomnia or restless sleep.

This oil is good for the skin. It encourages the removal of toxins in congested skin. Orange helps with the formation of collagen. It appears to deal effectively with dry skin, wrinkles and dermatitis.

Overall this is a wonderful essential oil. It leaves the room smelling fresh and uplifts the mind. It is one of the favourites amongst the elderly.

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10 ml, 50 ml