Pine Needle Austrian (Pinus Nigra)


A tree with long, stiff needles growing in pairs



A tree with long, stiff needles growing in pairs. The cones are brown in colour and pointed. Bark is reddish brown and deeply grooved. The best oil comes from the buds and young needles.

It is found in the cold upland regions of Europe, Scandinavia and Russia.

Pine is very good for treatment of chest infections. It is a powerful antiseptic and useful for bronchitis, laryngitis and flu. As an expectorant it helps clear sinuses and ease breathing. Inhalations of pine are equally good for colds, catarrh and sore throats.

Pine has a stimulating effect on the circulation and its warming aspects are useful for rheumatic pain, gout, and arthritis.

Use only small proportions and low dilutions for blending.

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10 ml, 50 ml