Ylang Ylang Madagascar(Cananga odorata)


A Rich fragrant oil that is sedative and seductive



A Rich fragrant oil that is sedative and seductive.

Ylang ylang oil has a wonderful sweet, floral and warm scent that eases anxiety and fear, as well as encourages a sense of confidence and peace.

It uplifts the mood and relaxes the central nervous system, which makes it a good inhalation for depression, panic and shock.

In low doses, it is a wonderful aphrodisiac as it helps bring on erotic moods and also quells any anxiety about sex.

Ylang ylang essential oil is great for the skin as it has a balancing effect on sebum making it a good choice for all skin types.

It is also used for acne, insect bites, a dry scalp and for possibly aiding new hair growth. Ylang ylang also helps slow down rapid breathing when inhaled.

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10 ml, 50 ml